Tue, 23 Apr 2019


Holstein Friesian New Zealand does not charge a design fee when commissioned by an HFNZ farmer member to design material for publication in any of HFNZ's owned publications or platforms, including, but not limited to, nzholstein, Holstein Newz, www.nzholstein.org.nz and the various official HFNZ social media pages.

The following conditions apply to this service:

1. Where HFNZ is commissioned by a member to design any material, HFNZ will incorporate '©HFNZDesign' into that material and as such, will retain the copyright to said material.

2. Under HFNZ Design copyright, the material can only be used for the specific instance in which it is commissioned. 

3. Under HFNZ Design copyright, the material may not be used in any other instance, except for which it is originally intended. This includes, but is not limited to, print, digital and social media, whether owned by HFNZ or otherwise. 

4. The commissioning member is able to apply to HFNZ to have the copyright released. If the application is successful, the commissioning member will be charged no more than the amount equal to the original design fee, and the copyright will be removed upon receipt of payment. HFNZ agrees to not unreasonably withhold copyright release.

5. In such an instance that the copyrighted material is used illegally, the offending member will be charged a penalty fee of not less than $1000.00 plus GST and legal action may be taken. 

6. HFNZ reserves the right to use its discretion surrounding copyright materials.

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