Sun, 25 Feb 2018


Through Holstein Friesian New Zealand and various other sponsors we offer several exchange opportunities. These exchanges offer Youth members the chance to gain a host of new skills and experiences.

Romanac Victorian Exchange

The Romanac and Victorian Exchanges have now been combined and offer the successful applicant the opportunity to visit Victoria, Australia and meet other breeders and their families.  
Open to members between 18-26 years old, the exchange is for two weeks in January 2017. 
The Australian National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp is not being offered as part of this exchange trip in 2017. 

Download Romanac Victorian Exchange application form

Romanac Victorian exchange online form

Black & White NZ Youth Show Trip

Holstein Friesian New Zealand offers a trip for a junior member aged between 14 to 17 years to attend a Royal Show, a North Island Championship or a South Island Championship annually.

Holstein Friesian New Zealand will decide annually which show the junior member may attend. The member will be billeted by a Holstein Friesian New Zealand member in the area they are visiting.

Download the Black & White NZ Youth Show Trip 2017 application form

Black & White NZ Youth Show Trip online form


Click here for information on Black & White Youth Awards.

For more information on the Black & White Youth awards and exchanges, contact Helen Henderson, email


Romanac Victorian Exchange

Black & White Youth NZ Show Trip