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Every year members have the opportunity to submit their registered in-milk heifers and cows for Classification by Holstein Friesian New Zealand. The Classification system aims to improve the overall standard of type or conformation of the New Zealand Holstein Friesian cow by recognising each individual cow's functional strengths and/or weaknesses and grading her accordingly with a particular score and Classification Award.

All cows classified are also scored on a linear system for Traits Other than Production (TOP).

2018/19 Conditions of Classification

Autumn 2019 Classification Application form

Online Classification Application Form

Standing Order Form

Holstein Friesian New Zealand has introduced a Standing Order Form for Classification. If you complete this form, your herd will be automatically enrolled for classification every year. Fill in the form once and you won't have to do it again!

Download a Standing Order Form

TOP - Traits Other than Production

Animals are scored by a trained and certified classifier on a 1-9 scale for 11 conformation traits, condition score, and then given an 'udder overall' and 'dairy conformation' score. Members classifying must submit all heifers (pedigree and grade) for TOP inspection, as data is important for calculations in Sire Proofs.

Please click HERE to download blank TOP Farmer Sheets

Please Click HERE for information on individual traits in Holstein Friesians


Registered Holstein Friesian animals then receive a score between 70-90 points and classification award as follows:

70-74 Fair (F) e.g. F72
75-79 Good (G) e.g. G76
80-84 Good Plus (GP) e.g. GP83
85-89 Very Good (VG) e.g. VG85
90+ Excellent (EX) e.g. EX

Excellent Award - cows must have calved three times, be in their third recorded lactation, and at least four years of age to be eligible for this award. Cows resubmitted for EX2, 3, 4 etc. must have had two further calvings and be in their second recorded lactation since receiving their last EX score.

How it operates

The majority of cattle are classified in late spring in conjunction with Traits Other than Production (TOP) inspections. Autumn classification is available for Autumn calving cows.

Members may submit:

  • All in-milk heifers and/or any cows not previously classified.
  • Cows already carrying a senior classification, for promotion, provided having calved since last award.

Refer to Service Fees for the cost of classification

True-Type Cow

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The Value of Classification

Click here to follow a study of cows classified as two-year-olds and how they have progressed over the years.