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DairyCare NZ Brand Ambassadorship
Tuesday, 16 May 2017

In the tough economy New Zealand dairy finds itself in, Holstein Friesian NZ (HFNZ) is keeping member costs down by collaborating with DairyCare NZ.

HFNZ has joined the Brand Ambassador Affiliate Programme offered by DairyCare NZ, a relationship that aims to stem the rise of member fees.

"We see this as a win-win situation,” says Cherilyn Watson, General Manager at HFNZ. “By endorsing a line of established, all natural products, proven in the New Zealand dairy industry, we’re able to create an extra revenue stream that has a positive and direct effect on our members.”

DairyCare NZ’s Affiliate Programme means that every time an HFNZ member purchases a product from DairyCare NZ, HFNZ will receive a commission.

“This doesn’t up the cost of DairyCare NZ products to the member in any way,” says Watson. “Every product purchased will be the same great product for the same great value.”

From 16 May 2017, HFNZ members will be given a specific code to use when purchasing DairyCare NZ products, which is then traced, registered HFNZ as the commission recipient.

To thank members for their support, all HFNZ members who purchase a 50 Calf Pack in the month of May 2017 will receive a free SkinTonic Udder Salve as well.

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