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About Holstein Friesian New Zealand

Holstein Friesian New Zealand is a collection of member dairy farmers that have an interest in farming and breeding the Holstein Friesian cow in New Zealand.

The Objective Statement of Holstein Friesian New Zealand is: 

To continually develop and support the breeding of genetically elite cattle, ensuring profitability of the Holstein Friesian breed in New Zealand

Services in brief

To achieve the objective statement, the Association provides a number of services. The services offered include the registration of Holstein Friesian pedigree stock via the national database and the opportunity to up-grade and breed to pedigree status via 'Record Recovery' and the 'Supplementary Register'. Classification and TOP (Traits Other than Production) inspections, are important on-going services to the farmer, as is the active promotion of pedigree stock through joint young sire schemes and semen sales, AI centres, livestock marketing, advertising, Discovery Project and shows. Publication of herd and cow statistics, technical information, breeder profiles, competitions, and breed and industry news appear in regular newsletters, and the nzholstein magazine. Members are also kept up to date with regular news via the website and Facebook.


Holstein Friesian New Zealand is an organisation built around its members of over 800 farmers and breeders who belong to the various Club and Branch divisions within Holstein Friesian New Zealand, throughout the country.

From these regions, or 'Wards', a Council of 9 members is elected to represent the members at National level. The Council sets policies and provides direction for the Association. All Council members are dairy farmers and active breeders within the industry. General and on-going business of the Association is handled by the General Manager and staff based at the Holstein Friesian New Zealand head office in Hamilton.


Holstein Friesian New Zealand is a member of the World Holstein Friesian Federation

Holstein Friesian New Zealand is the trade name of the
New Zealand Holstein Friesian Association (Inc).

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23 Sep 2014
National Bull Sale
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16 Sep 2014
Breed of Choice for Mating Decisions
Doug Courtman believes that the Holstein Friesian breed is the one that offers all-round profitability for dairy farmers from the milk produced in the farm dairy to demand found in the domestic beef and live export markets.

11 Sep 2014
Update for September 2014

27 Aug 2014
Dairy Farmers Called on the Help Fight Breast Cancer
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